A multi-talented audio engineer, songwriter, DJ and producer, Paul Kaleka hails from Rochester, New York and lives in Orlando, Florida.
Known for his prowess in both live and studio production, Paul has collaborated with prominent artists around the world, including stars of The Sing-Off, The Voice, X Factor, American Idol, and producers from Pitch Perfect and Glee. His reputation and versatility have led him to work in a wide array of genres, from hip-hop to folk, R&B to gospel, and rock to Electronic Dance Music, including releases on major labels such as Proximity, Ultra, Loudkult, Spitfire and more.
While Paul’s acclaim spans many styles, his greatest expertise lies in the production of vocals. By developing this highly specialized skill set, Paul has quickly become one of the most sought after sound engineers for a cappella music, both in the studio and on the stage. Entrusted as the full-time, exclusive engineer for a cappella heavy-hitters VoicePlay, as well as mixing world renowned acappella groups like DCappella, The Exchange, Vox Audio, Edge Effect, Timothy's Gift and many others, Paul has spent much of the past eight years touring the globe. From Arkansas to Southern Africa, Germany to Hong Kong, and Costa Rica to Australia, Paul has mixed shows in nearly every US state, and on nearly every continent. Along the way, he has worked in venues of all sorts and sizes; from school classrooms to nightclubs, hotel lobbies to concert halls, and amusement parks to olympic stadiums.
Paul has embraced every opportunity to broaden his knowledge and hone his craft. At home in the US, Paul has mixed shows in some of the America’s most treasured, historic national landmarks, including Washington DC’s Library of Congress and National Archives. He has also run sound for headline acts at multiple a cappella festivals, including SoJam, BOSS, Kettering A Cappella Festival, and Napa Valley A Cappella Festival. Abroad, as opening engineer for The Backstreet Boys’ 15-country, 33-city “In a World Like This” Tour, Paul ran sound in sold-out arenas across Europe, including London’s renowned “O2 Arena.” Most recently, Paul was recruited by the US Department of State to tour the world (both as an engineer and performing artist/DJ), serving as an official “Cultural Ambassador” of the USA.
For his work in the studio, Paul won First Place worldwide in the prestigious Pensado’s Place Mixing Competition. Paul’s productions and mixes have received airtime on Top-40 Radio in Spain and across Europe and have garnered well over 10 million streams. As a film composer, Paul has been commissioned to write, arrange, and fully produce scores for Television and commercials, which have aired on mainstream media outlets throughout Southern Germany, France, and Switzerland.